How are the Kardashians even rich? They don’t even do anything. “Here Kim, here’s 1 million dollars for doing absolutely nothing!”

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Finding wings in New York City.
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Got the #champange ready for tonight! 💥💖🍸 #TGIF #AsIf #Moet #Drinks #SparklingWine #GirlsNight #NightOut #RKOI #ThankGodItsFriday
i miss you so much, it makes me more sick than i’m actually are…. my heart breathes less than my hurting lungs and when i cough it would be less painfull without the thought of you having fun while i’m suffering…. i miss you so much….
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Home 💙

cute ass
i just…. i dont know i just want to run away with you build my own lifebuild a familywith you i think its might be possible with you©
the universe and me great and little unkown friends fascinating catching sience©
where ever you are now we’ve lost you for heaven what ever you are now you’ll stay in our heart and it’s strange how every day starts avarage yet so different good morning new york, granddad, we miss him…. ©